Trip to the north shore of big island

Today dr. Netzer and two students went to discover the northern part of our beautiful island.

First we stopped at a wonderful sandy beach an enjoyed the calm sea and the blue sky. With a stop in hawi we had a tipical hawaiian pulled pork sandwiche at a bbq wagon. A few miles later we were standing at the northest part of the Island and took the short walk down the trail. There we found a wonderful black lava sand beach between the cliffs. We were fascinated about the sudden change of the vegetation. Around our guest house is the dry vulcanic landscape and in the north we were sourounded by lots of trees and a rainforest like vegetation. We had a blast of the impressing environment so the rain which catched us did not change our mood at all.

We are glade to have such an opportunity to participate in such a research and enjoying big island hawaii.

Greetings nico and lukas