Hypoxia physiology symposium memorzing Hermann Buhls 90th birthday at the medical education center of UH in Honolulu

On Dec. 16th, Ralph Sohet MD PhD, chairman of the Cardiovascular research center at the Medical School of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Prof. em. Bruce Soll MD from Queens Medical Center in Honolulu and our group with master course students and research members of UIBK have held a very fruitful brainstorming symposium open to the public.

Prof. Soll reported on sleep positioning in relation to intrathoracical fluid in patients with heart failure. Data from the publication in Sleep 2009 and new data from his coworker. Prof. Sohet reported on his work  of  doxycyclin take way triggered extended HIF function in mice hearts and how micro RNA of gene C19 can adverse this extended hypoxic effect. In the far future maybe one possible intervention on hypoxic human hearts.

Our group reported about cardio rehabilitation in geriatric patients in moderate hypoxia (Stephan Pramsohler), the study protocol of the Mauna Kea normobaric-hypobaric hypoxia comparison study (Linda Rausch and Matthias Fries), cardio events in scuba diving (Nicolai Szenlenzcy) , cardio events in alpine skiing (Lukas Höllriegl), Chronic Hypoxia in Chilean Mine Workers (Maike Huth), Ergospirometry with forced steps at 7000m altitude and at Everest base camp (Hanno Fröhlich), the life of Hermann Buhl and Hif and fat metabolism (Nikolaus Netzer).

Long and active discussions followed each presentation and left the feeling that every participant really profitted from this half day brainstorming symposium.

N. Netzer


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