University Innsbruck Mouna Kea Study Group

Hello, this is the blog of the Professor Netzer Master Course (scientific problem solution in sport and health) from the Sports Science Institut of the Faculty for Psychology and Sportscience at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.
In the Hermann Buhl Institute for Hypoxia and Sleep Medicine Research in Bad Aibling we started our master seminar and the Mouna Kea Normobaric-Hypobaric Hypoxia Comparison Study 5 weeks ago. We simulated the climb from the start of the Mouna Kea trail at 2800m to the top at 4169 meters on a treadmill in normobaric hypoxia, one weekend without a climatization night at 2800m and one weekend with an acclimatization night. Now on Dec. 8th we arrived in the Big Island to perform the study protocol in hypobaric hypixia on site at Mouna Kea.

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